Fire in Machine by Sounds Like Chaos.

I went to see a show called Fire in The Machine directed by Gemma Rowan and Roisin Feeny, on the 4 March 2017 at Battersea Arts Centre. It blew my mind! It was brilliant, the best show I’ve seen at Battersea Arts Centre this year. I would really recommend anybody of any age to see the show because it has a message for all society and it’s very encouraging.

Battersea Arts Centre is known for its fantastic shows were young people can express their talent in drama, music, and spoken word. It works actively to encourage young people to test which they can be able to develop new ideas and share them with the local community.

The show was performed by talented young people between the ages of 13 to 21 years: Amaarch Needham, Billie Hyde, Bob Gayfer, Cleo Thompson, Isabella Savin, Ndabane Makukula, Olivia Love, Pip Beattie, Sabrina Obiago, and Zoe Thompson. They are members of a South East London artistic company called Sounds Like Chaos.

Fire in The Machine combines theatre, karaoke, comedy, dance, spoken word and the values of the education system. I was amazed with the style and the themes of being a robot and the vibe and energy in the room. It gave the audience something to talk about. Being an ordinary show that takes an audience on a wild adventure. Bright lights, techno-sound and some ’80s influence.

My highlight of the show was the beginning, where twins dressed in ’80s hip pop style clothes whose energy on stage saw them dancing as if they were living the ’90s all over again. There was a lot of humility in the show with a spoken word to not make it polite – or should I say boring – to the audience. Therefore I would say it uplifted me and made me think about myself as a person.

Another highlight was a young black person dressed smartly and performing a monologue on how you present yourself to the world and how people see you. What I got out of this was how difficult it is to be a teenager and having to overcome problems, but more importantly how to face them and deal with them while being able to fit in or simply just to be yourself.

I would recommend this show to all ages. The audience on the night left the room with a smile on their faces and a friend of mind took away a message for themselves.

The set and costume design was by Kat Heath who also did a remarkable job on making the show look good. This set the mood in the room and brought the themes to life.

Fine in The Machine is one of a kind. I have never seen anything like it before.

They say:

“real genuine hard-working performers will be fine; the machine will make sure of it. Sounds Like Chaos know how to use your time. Fire in the Machine is productive. Fire in the Machine is a devised show.”

 Fire in the Machine, Battersea Arts Centre, London.  February – March 2017. 

Sally Coker

Sally Coker from Battersea likes to describe herself as a dark horse as she appears quiet and unassuming, but has a strong passion when it come to creativity. Her strength in writing is radio drama and plays. She intends to go on and study for an M.A and will be doing theatre workshops that work with young kids during the summer.