Jessie Anderson

Jessie-Leigh Anderson is an aspiring author, born in the South West of England, 1995. She spends more time between the pages of fantasy novels than she does in the real world. The “Harry Potter” series by J.K Rowling is an all-time favourite, closely followed by Rick Riordan’s “Heroes of Olympus”, Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” and Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Wolves of Mercy Falls”. These books are what inspired her to start writing, and her journey began on where she continues to upload short stories. She is currently living in London.

Resna Begum

Resna was born and bred in the heart of East London. Being surrounded by a bustling multi-cultural and ever changing environment inspired her passion for creative writing, particularly poetry. In contrast to her surroundings, her enthusiasm for writing was influenced by Emily Bronte and the gothic romanticism of her writing. Additionally, she is a keen visitor of London’s rich tapestry of museums and enjoys rambling with her DSLR camera, capturing inspiring images that often influence her writing. She is pursuing her ambition to be a teacher and hopes to be able to use her work to inspire a new generation of writers in her students.

Tahera Begum

Tahera was born in London and lives there still. She would like to live in Canada one day and enjoys writing short stories and poetry. She has a passion for history and has experience in teacher training at various museums. This in turn helps her with her current role as a teacher at a supplementary school. With her fondness for reading, she would like to pursue a career in teaching English Literature. Her interest lies in playing video games and watching foreign films.

Lucy Cale

Lucy Cale is an aspiring screenwriter and “geek culture” enthusiast from Birmingham, who moved to London to pursue a career in the arts. Fascinated by all things thrilling, she loves trying to solve a mystery, and is working on her own psychological thriller screenplay. Published storyteller and reviewer, Lucy is currently a writer for Machinima SBOC, where she reviews blockbusters of the big (and small) screen, as well as books and graphic novels by authors such as Carrie Fisher and Brian Michael Bendis, whose work explores the ever-changing society we live in

Amy Clarke

Hailing from the northern tranquility of leafy Lytham St Annes, Amy was relocated to the south coast of Ireland at a young age to grow up by the sea. Finding life far too peaceful and relaxing, she moved to London in her adulthood to contribute to the ongoing overcrowding living experiment.
After ten years as a dog groomer, she gained her degree in her first love, Creative Writing. Now working towards an MA in Scriptwriting at Goldsmith’s University, her writing influences are a combination of her British heritage and Irish culture, along with her passion for comedy.
Her first feature film, a mockumentary comedy, is based on her experiences working in a luxury spa for pets. She is a sitcom obsessive with her comedy influences coming from both British and American sitcoms.
Life would be extremely enjoyable if she could eat doughnuts with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, her comedy heroes, every day.

Sally Coker from Battersea likes to describe herself as a dark horse as she appears quiet and unassuming, but has a strong passion when it come to creativity. Her strength in writing is radio drama and plays. She intends to go on and study for an M.A and will be doing theatre workshops that work with young kids during the summer.

Jaspreet is born and bred in, Ilford, East London. Her family and culture are the closest aspects to her, lending themselves to the inspiration for her creative writing work. She has a great passion for henna painting and applies henna at weddings and other festivals. Her literary influences include Alice Walker and Jane Austen. She is furthering this passion by embarking on an MA in Literature with a view to pursuing her ambition to train as an English teacher

Emily Davies was born in the North-West of England, on a little peninsula known as the Wirral, where she spends her time between the pages of works by Cornelia Funke, Sarah J Maas and V.E Schwab. She has a passion for fantasy fiction, and is currently working on her first Young Adult novel. The book, entitled “Celestial”, follows the story of twins, Luna and Tristan, as they try to unravel the secret of their parents’ death, and discover their own destinies in the process. In the future, she hopes to publish her own novel and work within the publishing industry.

Kirsty was born and raised in Essex and has a keen passion for writing Flash Fiction.  Some of her favourite writers consist of F.Scott Fitzgerald and China Miéville. Throughout her work, Kirsty uses her personal experiences as inspiration. For this writer, writing is an emotional release. After finishing her B.A Degree in English with Creative Writing, Kirsty plans to complete her PGCE English course at the Institute Of Education (IOE.)

 Lorna Guy

Lorna Guy from Purley, Surrey, especially enjoys writing creative non-fiction and poetry, centring her work around her love for nature wherever possible. A keen reader from a young age, favourites include works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, William Shakespeare, Thomas Harris, Jane Austen and the poetry of William Wordsworth. Looking forward to starting an MA in September and then teaching English abroad, she ultimately hopes to find a career where she can pursue her passion for nature writing.

Johanna Hallin

Johanna was born and raised in Stockholm but currently lives in London. Her Swedish roots are very visible within her writing; much of it is inspired and set in nature, and she has a clear passion for mythology, folklore and fairy tales. Being a strong believer that ‘literature can change the world’, she writes and reads mostly sci-fi, magical realism and surrealism. Her writing is mostly influenced by the work of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Isac Asimov and George Orwell, but she also enjoys lyricism and poetry. She has been published in Writing Times online.

 Emily Hancock

Emily is from the Hert-Beds border, but describes her hometown as Hitchin in Hertfordshire. A self-professed country bumpkin, she chose a London university to appreciate theatrical and artistic sites as incentives for her creative writing. Her influences are Carol Ann Duffy and Michael Morpurgo who provide story-telling inspiration, and Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” and Mark Haddon’s novels for their subversion. Plans for the future include taking a writing-focused MA, possibly in journalism. Currently, Emily is developing an on-line blog that will feature both creative writing and reviews.


 Samet Haxhiu

Samet Haxhiu is a keen writer of scripts, screenplays and fiction. Samet helped to co-write a short film with his friend, Andres Austin Bennett, who has starred in the BBC Three series “Bad Education”. Samet enjoys a diverse range of writers such as Stephen King, Jane Isaac, China Mieville, Ali Smith and many more. Samet also admires the works of Damon Lindelof and Aaron Sorkin in regards to screenwriting.By combining his passion for creative writing and English, Samet is going to continue studying English with Creative writing to an MA level [ Creative Management] at London Southbank University.

Nikita is best described as a creative rose growing out of a concrete jungle. Born and bred in a council estate in Battersea, she uses the poverty and depravity of her surroundings to inspire short exhilaration fiction that poignantly depicts life in the capital for a young black female. She uses Patti Smith’s Just Kids to inspire the resilience needed to pursue her ambitions as a writer.

Hailing from East London, Adil Mahmoud’s passion lies in the sporting politics surrounding sports such as football and cricket. His passion for sport in general inspires his writing. Living in East London all his life, Adilis deeply involved in his community, turning his writing skills to the ever precarious subject of politics in his local borough. Adil is keen to pursue his political and sporting interests in his future writing ventures.

Georgina McCann

Georgina McCann is an Essex-based creative who can often be found browsing the shelves in your local Waterstones. She has a passion for all things art, attending any and all exhibitions where possible. An avid reader of dystopian and politically influenced literature, she hopes to bring a sense of wonder and despair to her latest collection of poetry entitled Masking Pain.

Elle McNicoll

Born and raised in Scotland, Elle likes to use her life experience as a Caledonian within her work and is a lover of Burns, Shakespeare, Austen and Dickens. She was hired to write for the EHS New Yorker when she was just seventeen. She moved to Manhattan and became a weekly columnist, covering the social scene for people under the age of 21. Last summer, she was brought on staff at The Pantheon to be their blogger and covered stories on Bill Cunningham, Lee Miller and was invited to Buckingham Palace to see the queen’s wardrobe throughout her reign, which she then wrote a piece about. She is currently completing her novel “Barcode”.

Sarah Merzouki is a BA English graduate from north London with Moroccan heritage. An avid reader and writer from a young age, her passion in education deepened as she grew up. A keen diarist, she documented her day-to-day and travel experiences, enjoying exploring language and writing about memory through her personal experiences. This led her to pursue her degree in English.
Her expressiveness and creative prose pieces are a reflection of her enjoyment in reading Autobiographies and romance novels.
Sarah is influenced by the ideals and ambitions of William Blake, William Shakespeare, Nicolas Sparks and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
An aspiring English teacher, writer and a lifestyle blogger who is working to gain the PGCE qualification, Sarah ultimately hopes to publish her own GCSE English guideline book.

Ramel Miller-Calvin

Ramel, a Londoner born and bred, has been writing his whole life. Surrounded by literature from a young age, he has been influenced by many different writers, most notably J. R. R. Tolkien who practically formed his childhood. Normally writing in prose, Ramel loves the art of story telling and has produced various short stories that have been read online and plays that have been performed at certain locations in East London for audiences of over a hundred people. At the moment, Ramel is exploring the world of literature and is looking into creating novels of his own, aiming to join the world, which he had grown to love so much.

Lauren Noding

Lauren Victoria Noding was born and raised in London, but spent eight years living in the coastal county of Dorset. She has been a carer for most of her life, helping her mother with a debilitating mental illness. She has written for two online magazines, ‘The Jupital Newspaper’ and ‘Writing Times’. Meanwhile, she runs her own blog ‘A Writers Desires’ to share her love of YA/Fantasy literature. Now working in book publicity, she relishes sharing great novels with the world. Lauren can often be found making dreamcatchers, writing her first fantasy novel and cuddling her pet corn-snake, aptly named Salazar Slytherin.

Sumaiya Patel

Sumaiya is a Muslim-Indian who lives in London with the aspiration to tackle stereotypes of minorities within the UK through her writing. She currently writes for her own blog, addressing the issues of Islamophobia, misconceptions of Islam, racism and other issues of discrimination. Besides writing for her own blog, she is very passionate about her Korean, while she uses most of her free time to master the Arabic language. Sumaiya is pursuing a career to teach English at secondary and above level, aiming to empower the minds of young people through reading and writing.

Leshae Reid-Clementson

Flying the flag for the West side of the Thames, Leshae is always impressed by the South Bank and its surrounding vibrancy and eye-catching landmarks. An avid fan of Greek mythology and non-fiction, the works of Ben Kane and Anton Gill spring to mind when thinking of authorial influences, with a career in the world’s ever-growing media or teaching profession the long-term goal for the born and bred Londoner. After making Mum proud of gaining a degree, of course.

Gabriele Del Romano

Gabriele Del Romano is a writer who is interested in filmmaking, poetry and exploring the visual language across different mediums. Inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, Gene Youngblood’s Expanded Cinema (the first to call video an art form), the early works of George Lucas, including his short films “Freiheit” and “Look at Life” as well as the artwork of Norman Rockwell. He also takes inspiration from the creativity expressed in Saul Bass’ filmography. Gabriele aims to work in the visual storytelling field one day.

Having developed a keen interest in both writing and politics at a young age, writing about politics was a natural progression for Brett. His work is inspired by politically conscious writers such as Philip K. Dick and Jonathan Coe. Having obtained his undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing, Brett is pursuing an MA in Literature, Culture and Place at the University of Strathclyde.

John Towers

After spending 25 years as a journalist, John decided to learn how to write properly and took the BA Creative Writing degree course at LSBU. He is particularly interested in writing and performing poetry and aims to take an MA with a poetry specialism. John grew up in Bolton and his eclectic taste in authors includes Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. He is currently working on a screen adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, set in Britain in the very near future.

Brianna Vittachi is Canadian, though she has also lived in the U.K., the U.S., Trinidad and Tobago, and was born in Brunei. Her writing is influenced by a wide range of cultures, literary forms, and ideas. She is most interested in naturalism and post-modernism, listing writers such as Alain de Botton, Chris Krauss, Charles Bukowski, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Cohen, and Fernando Pessoa as favourites. She likes to explore ambiguous, unreliable narrators. Above all else, she strives for authenticity and complexity in her own writing – and hopes to be a part of the new generation of raw female voices changing the face of literature today. She has previously been published in the online contemporary art magazine ARTUNER. She also really, really likes podcasts.

 Sonia Waheed

Sonia Waheed was born and raised in the heart of the country, Birmingham. She currently lives in London and is in a pursuit of following a career in secondary school English teaching. She devotes her free time in relishing herself in reading a wide variety of literature – differentiating in genre’s such as: non-fiction, satire and mythology. She hopes to unify her passion for reading and fondness for teaching in order to become an effective English Teacher. Her goal is to encourage and enlighten young students of upcoming generations to observe the world through different perspectives from transferring her knowledge of English Literature and Language.

Xina Williamson

Xina is an avid reader from Brighton, and hopes to one day have her own YA fantasy novel published. When not writing or reading, Xina works as an editor at OfTomes Publishing and travels across the U.K. interviewing authors for various online platforms and publishing companies.