The 2017 South Bank Review has produced interviews of high quality and interest. Our talented and aspiring interviewers have embarked on a research adventure and have discovered great techniques to use in their own careers.

John is an interviewer with a passion to reveal Fusebox Games’ new virtual video game, in an in-depth tour of Michael Othen’s life and business. Sumaiya has interviewed two people of Islamic faith in order to give the Muslim community a voice against the stereotypes and judgements created by the media. Nikita has written a personal interview with her mother, who travelled alone as a foster child from Jamaica to the United Kingdom in the 1960’s West Indian Migration. Leshae has based his interview on his American born schoolfriend, rapper Kobaine who seeks to improve the relationship between American and UK artists, and focuses on his journey within the music industries. Brianna conducts her interview with comedy podcasters Chris Lagana and Alex Mills, whose Melbourne-based podcast centres on comic events in their day-to-day lives and a philosophy of optimism.

Editors: Lorna Guy, Kirsty Gardiner