The arts scene is diverse, vibrant and extraordinary. Thousands of galleries, theatres, cinemas and museums create a world-class offering that attracts millions of patrons every year, and a cultural economy worth many millions. This is especially true of the South Bank in London, from which this literary magazine and our university get their names.

Our reviews cover film: theatre: visual art: the written word and more. They cover extremes. From books, to a play where sex workers tell their graphic stories. From Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night to an eclectic array of films. This is everything from traditional to avant-garde.

We want to encourage our readers to sample the arts world’s unique recipe, to challenge themselves, and to enjoy something different from their own particular norm.  Our elite roster of writers invite you into a world far removed and yet familiar, an easily-accessible galaxy of artistic expression open for you to explore.

Editors: John Towers, Brianna Vittachi