Short Fiction

The beauty of short fiction is that one is able to witness a full story in just a few pages; to explore with the characters the world they inhabit and be left with reflections that will linger long after the last word is read.

The writers featured here will let you understand what the afterlife feels like; they will make you doubt your own sanity while the siren sings above you. Their words transform into a journey of self-exploration brought on by the sparkles of sequins, they lead you to find the missing piece of your soul but also the bitter truth of us. Their thought out stories will give you the clues to solving murders and feel the fright of being the culprit.
Can you begin to imagine being in need of consolation, but being shut out from the world?

Here you will find stories that make you project yourself into the unknown with only the promise that they will change you forever.

Editors: Johanna Hallin, Gabriele Romano